A research project starts with a phone interview to define the scope of the desired information. Is it one particular grandparent that has been elusive, or is there a desire to learn about the roots of all four grandparents? Is the town of origin of one branch a mystery?


Goals are set for communications and a completion schedule is created. Existing information is accessed: How much do you already know, and what is the source and reliability of that information? What has been passed down through oral history? What rumors or hints are there about close or distant relatives? What do you know about family members that will help to locate them in census records, especially for ancestors with common names and those who don't show up where they are expected to show up?


Initial research usual begins online. Often enough, answers can be found in one of many databases. 248 Ancestors uses all the major database to access your family history, including several for-fee sites. The for-fee websites themselves cost many hundreds of dollars to join each year, saving you money by having 248 Ancestors search those databases for you.


Documents are ordered from archives, as needed. Non-internet research is undertaken, if necessary, such as a cemetery visit or a trip to an archive or government office. Additional research is typically done by local researchers under the direction of 248 Ancestors.


Research results are presented in a report about your family, and depending on the goals of the project may include charts, copies of source documents, hyperlinked source documents, oral histories obtained from distant relatives, etc. Custom familly trees, artistically rendered, can be created as a showpiece you would be proud to hang on your livingroom wall. Results are sent via internet or on CD.


Some examples of projects:

  • U.S. census returns for one or more families
  • All U.S. census returns for one or more families
  • Birth record for one individual
  • Town of origin for an immigrant ancestor
  • Original family name
  • Place of burial for great grandparents
  • Proof of ethnic or religious identity of an ancestor


Fees start at $500.


Contact Jim Yarin to discuss your family history mysteries and see how 248 Ancestors can help you.




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