2 4 8 Ancestorsis is my chance to use decades of research experience and sharp analytical skills acquired as a genealogy hobbyist and paralegal to do something I love. Finding ancestors for me is fun, and I really get obsessed about finding answers to family history puzzles.


Exclamations from Friends and Clients


I had to look through my email inbox to collect reactions from those I've helped in recent years. As you can see, I searched for key words, like "wow," "fascinating" and "amazing." Just to give you an idea...


Amazing stuff. ... Wow, lot of progress in a short time! - Randy S.


Wow - that's amazing. - Paula B.


Wow! I am duly impressed with the amount of information you have here. You are not supposed to make this so easy for me. :) This treasure trove is a great amount more than what I had... - Paul M.


Wow! This looks like a thorough piece of work, and definitely fills in a lot of holes. - Richard J.


Wow, great... - Steve F.


Wow, so fascinating! - Rachel D.


Wow, fascinating. - Daniel R.


I want to thank you for all your amazing research. - Gail R.


This really is incredible work you have done! - Stephanie S.


This is far more information than I expected - Sylvia G.


Jim, this is really amazing. - Jennie S.


This is all so amazing. - Jason M.


I told my father ... and he thinks its likely a match. He didn't have much to add, but all of his side of the story pretty much matched up with what you had said. Quite incredible. - Jason M.


Again, an amazing job! - Laurie


I wanted to commend you on the really amazing work - Harold F.


Amazing! I'm very impressed. - Mark B.


In researching my family history, I've found your amazing work - Mark E.


Thanks for such an amazing project. - Lori P.


I have the arrival record you sent. amazing! - JBU


All of this information has been so fascinating. ... I'm so appreciative that you sent all of this ... This information is truly amazing and something I know many of my family members, including myself, are very interested in. - Caren F.


This is EXCELLENT! ... AMAZING. - Ruth M.


You are incredible! Thanks for sharing. - Stephanie L.


From the Producers of Finding Your Roots


We literally could not have done the Barbara Walters story without you. Thank you ... especially for your incredible tenacity and dedication to this series. You've contributed hugely to what we're doing and I know your work will enrich the final product immensely. ... It would not have been possible without your hard work and tenacity! She [Barbara Walters] was amazed by what you found!!!!!!!


JIM, THIS IS AMAZING!! ... I can't believe it -- I had given up all hope!!


Such a game-changer, your brilliant find last night... We've been reading about Zgierz all day. I can't thank you enough!


I definitely appreciate your attention to detail.


I still can't believe you found all her paternal great-grandparents AND great-great-grandparents... amazing. Fastest genealogy EVER.


You're my hero! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done.




The Elias family information was very meaningful for him [Robert Downey Jr.]



Praise from Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


I admire your research skills and passion.