Everyone should know their roots! Even before my appearance on Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I was helping people find their roots. With my TV debut it made sense to formalize my genealogy research services, so I created 248 Ancestors.


On this website you can learn how to research your family roots. Check out the easy to follow directions to the right. There is special information for those who have Jewish ancestry, my specialty. 248 Ancestors offers fee-based research services whether or not you've already done work to find your roots. I've helped many people to discover their roots, even those who are at the top of their chosen field who have tried to navigate genealogical research on their own. I have the experience and skills to get the job done. Learn more here.


What is it like researching celebrities' genealogies for a TV show? My research of Barbara Walters' and Robert Downey Jr.'s Jewish ancestry required a persistence recognized by the show's host, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Describing my research skills on Finding Your Roots, this distinguished social scientist said "he does not accept defeat easily."


My experience researching for the show was intense. I am writing up something for this site wil post it before the end of year.


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Jim Yarin
Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (L) and Jim Yarin (R) at the gravesite
of Barbara Walters' grandparents in Newark, NJ

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Learn how to find your own ancestors with the easy to follow directions to the right in the Get Started NOW! box. Start with "Interview and Gather." Next, search for documents on the internet that match up with your information. Use the information from your interviewing and own knowledge to create your searching criteria. You can then find vital records (births, marriages and deaths), cemetery records, naturalizations, military records, biographies, and more. Each of the pages on the right explains basic research techniques to help you find your roots.

Need Some Help?

248 Ancestors Can Help You Find Your Ancestors. You may have run into a roadblock, or as genealogists like to say, a "brick wall." Don't despair! There is a reason why genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies: The thrill of learning about your ancestors is enhanced by the difficulty of the quest. It can take years, and sometimes you need some help to move things along!


Contact 248 Ancestors for an affordable way to discover your roots. Learn more about the Services offered by Jim Yarin and 248 Ancestors.



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